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Register Now for DRI International’s June 26 Cyber Resilience Q&A Webinar!

Join DRI on June 26 at 2pm ET for the latest in its free webinar series, “Cyber Resilience Q&A: The Answers to Your Compelling Questions.” Complex and often confounding, all things cyber resilience are challenging continuity and resilience professionals worldwide. Attend this webinar for a frank and informative discussion of challenges and solutions. It will go beyond the theoretical to provide thoughtful answers to real-world questions submitted by the resilience community! DRI Certified Professionals can earn one Continuing Education Activity Point (CEAP) toward recertification for attending this webinar.
About the Speaker:    Drew Buchanan  CBCP, CISSP, CEH, CPT, CRMP, FEMA Level 1 PCP

Drew Buchanan has 23 years of experience implementing technical and programmatic controls that reduce business risk. In 2013, he was given the Secretary of Defense Award for Excellence for his contributions in the field of risk management. He has led cybersecurity engineering efforts for hundreds of complex mission systems that require zero down-time and the highest possible data confidentiality and integrity standards.
Buchanan has performed hundreds of cyber risk assessments and is a thought leader in the field of all-hazards risk management. 

2019 Midwest Contingency Planners Board of Directors Election Results

Shelly Hogan
​Presides at all meetings of the Corporate membership and the Board of Directors. ​Will have and exercise general charge and supervision of the Corporate officers of the organization. ​Will be an ex-officio member of all Corporate committees, but shall be empowered to cast only a tie-breaking vote. ​Will not chair any Corporate committee other than the Board of Directors. ​Will be the primary interface with all outside organizations.  
Erik Flick
​Presides at all meetings of the Corporate membership and the Board of Directors in the absence of the President. ​Will be responsible for the monthly program format (other than the business meeting portion) of the regular Corporate meetings. Is responsible for the arrangements of Corporate speakers, panels and topics to be presented at these meetings, and arranges for payment of any cost involved through the Board of Directors. ​In the absence of the President, has full exercise of all rights and powers of the President. Maintains a current list of all Corporate members. ​Will give or cause to be given notice of all meetings of the Corporation membership and the Board of Directors.
Mike Alley
​Attends and keep minutes of all Executive and membership meetings. Maintains all bylaws and policies issued by the Corporate membership and/or the Board of Directors. ​Will do and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Corporate membership and/or the Board of Directors. ​Will assist the Treasurer in maintaining a record of an annual statement, with such public agencies as required to preserve a nonprofit status.
Tom Chernosky
​Has general supervision of financial affairs. ​Performs all the duties incident to the office of Corporate Treasurer. ​Has authority to sign any check, draft or other order of Corporate payment of money.  Amounts in excess of $250.00 will be countersigned by another member of the Board of Directors. The countersigning member shall not be of the same company or firm. ​Will make financial statements to the Corporate membership and Board of Directors, in such form and frequency as they may direct. ​Will provide for the custody and safekeeping of all Corporate securities and moneys. ​Files an annual statement, with such public agencies as required to preserve a nonprofit status. ​Will perform any other duties as assigned by the membership or Board of Directors resolution and/or directive.
Glenn Engel
Keeps the company website up to date, posting communications to all members, such as Meeting dates, locations, topics, minutes, etc. Will gather and post information to social media to aid members in educating and sharing best practices. Will send general communications to membership as required. Posts membership meeting announcements to social media and other publications as requested by the board.


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