Message from the State Continuity Planning Manager

July marks the one year anniversary of my transition into the State Continuity Planning Manager position. As a state, I feel we have made a huge step in becoming more resilient.

What goals did you set last year? What has and has not been achieved? How can I or the others in the State Continuity Working Group assist you?

Planning: Development of policies, plans, procedures, mutual aid agreements, strategies, and other publications; also involves the collection and analysis of intelligence and information
Organization: Individual teams, an overall organizational structure, and leadership at each level in the structure
Equipment: Equipment, supplies, and systems that comply with relevant standards
Training: Content and methods of delivery that comply with relevant training standards
Exercises: Exercises and actual incidents that provide an opportunity to demonstrate, evaluate, and improve the ability of core capabilities to perform assigned missions and tasks to standard

Continuity of Government
[Indiana Statehouse]

In 1776 the U.S. Declaration of Independence was signed. From that moment on there has been a focus to strengthen our preparedness to maintain our core government structure during all situations. The same can be said of Indiana following the 1816 signing of the Indiana Constitution.

Continuity of Government (COG) is a coordinated effort within each of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches to ensure that essential functions continue to be performed before, during, and after an emergency or threat. COG is intended to preserve the statutory and constitutional authority of elected officials at all levels of government across the United States.

If there is a need to transition the powers of the Indiana Seat of Government for any reason prior to or during an activation, the State will follow the order of succession listed in Indiana Constitution Article 5 Section 10(f). 

Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plans

In 1913, the Indiana General Assembly sought to preserve and protect the most valuable records of Indiana Government through the creation of a State Archives. A century later, the Indiana State Archives continues to serve the noble goal of  preserving the records of the Hoosier government. 

The Indiana Archives and Records Administration maintains the General Records Retention Schedule. According to "GRADM-9", a copy of each state agencies Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plans must be transferred to the Indiana State Archives. A list of current state agency records coordinators can be found at

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